Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fathers day MTB ride

The kids finally agreed to remove their training wheels and join dad for a nice MTB ride. Perfect fathers day gift for bike geek! We rode for about 10 miles which took us roughly 1.5 hours , the kids legs held up well and they were begging to ride more later that day.

We rode about 25miles over the weekend their little legs never gave up and they even begged to ride the next day.It was a great time and perfect fathers day gift!

With all the rain the last few weeks we pretty lucky to get out of the house and enjoy the day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Perfect day!

What a perfect day to ride , my self and some of the usual suspects met up this AM at SBRR. We started out riding with DanO's group and broke off around mile 25 to head further east for some bonus miles.We ended up hitting then tank loops and IPBP before heading back.There were four of us all together and we managed to keep a decent pace even though they had to wait for me a the few times as I was spit out the back. I felt good most of the ride even on the hillls and into the wind , just not quite as fast as I used to be , oh well just need to keep training.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First 100+ mile weekend of 09

I finally managed to get in over 100 miles this past weekend.We rode about 60 miles saturday with a total of 5 flats , 2 of which were mine resulting in a destroyed rear tire.The best part of the tire self destructing was that it was brand new! I new I shouldnt have announced to the group"hey guys check out my new tire" in the parking lot before the ride. oh well it was a great day with nice weather.

The ride was 3 loops around the Manorville are with the climb up 51 throw in at the end of each lap. We had a fairly strong group but all the stoping and the wind slowed us down a bit.Still a fun ride.
Sunday was the training ride we had a head wind for what seemed like the entire ride.Myself and a few othe rriders broke off from the main group after the half way point and pushed the pace a bit faster on the ride home.I think next week is 70 and the weather is suppose to be perfect....cant wait.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Rain....All weekend on and off , mostly mist with some heavy showers. Woke up Saturday morning ready to ride only to see it dark cold and rainy.Needless to say back in bed I went only to find out later the rain cleared and few group rides went off with no hitches.

Sunday felt like Deja vu , misty with scattered showers only today I was determined to ride.The flurry of E-mails to figure whos going to ride started around 8:45AM , by 9:45 we had decided to meet at the Eco center.Only 3 brave souls including myself decided to ride (me, J-Lew and RonG)

We headed out around 11:00AM.Ron had a loop we could do with a bail out if needed.The weather co-operated for the most part.We never got any heavy rain just non stop mist.The pace was easy for the mst part with the exception of J-lew forcing Ron and I to do intervals any time he saw something that resembled the slighest incline.My GPS crapped out so I have no idea what we averaged but it didnt seem to fast maybe 18 or so.Towards the end of the ride the wind picked up a bit more but we were spinning easy the 5 miles so it wasnt to bad.For a dreary nasty day the ride turned out to be pretty fun im glad we all made it.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Manorville spin

Second ride of the season, 10:00 ride out of Manorville. I woke up at 8:00 had a protein shake some coffe and a lite breakfast on the way to the ride. The temps were in the low 60s with plenty of sun.A perfect day for a ride.

The ride was 2 laps around Manorville. Lap 1 consisted of about 15 riders and we managed to get some decent pacelines going despite the poor road conditions from the melting snow.

The second lap only 5 of us were left , everyone else either peeled off to ride back home or bailed at the parking lot.We decided on a nice easy spin and escorted J-Lew half way home until he also peeled off. I ended up with around 52ish miles , the legs are slowly coming back.

Audio breaks up a bit at the end from the crosswind...sorry :(

Sunday, March 1, 2009

St.Pattys Day Parade

Just hanging out with friends.

First Ride of 09

Well the road bike had been collecting dust for about 4 months , my new hobby rock climbing has been taking up most of my free time. I finnaly managed to get my lazy ass out of bed a make a club ride.

The weather was windy and cold , it was tough to get warmed up and even tougher to stay motivated when taking pulls into the bitter cold wind.After about 10 miles I was warm and the legs started to loosen up a bit.I felt good for the entire ride , since this was my first ride in a while I didnt push it. I stayed at a good HR zone and did my own ride.

Towards the end of the ride we hit a small section of hills where I lost contact group. usually I would be right in the front or middle when tackling this climb I have done so many times before.Its amazing what a few months of no training can do to your fitness and speed.

All in all in was a great ride with riding buddies I havent seen for awhile.Spring is coming quick and my goals for this year is to get back into the form I had in 07 and complete a double century.

It snowed this morning so the training rides are canceled.My wife and I are going to watch the St.Pattys day parade in East Islip with some friends.Hopefully if im not drunk I waill post some pic from the parade.